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Countdown to Mongolia

July 12th, 2010 · 1 Comment

We are T minus 8 days to departure for Mongolia.  I think there’s not much left to do but pack and leave, except for all the other things that need doing.  And the trouble with having someone housesit for you is that you have to leave the place clean when you leave.  That’s way more challenging than just running out the door and yelling at the neighbour to check your mail while you are away.  You can always email them later to say they’d better drink the milk in the fridge so it doesn’t turn into blue cheese while you are away.

We think that what is going to happen is that we’ll post stuff here and then link to it from Twitter, which will link it to Facebook.  So if you’re already using those tools and you are following me (I saw you – don’t think I didn’t see you) or already my Friend, these buttons below may have some meaning for you.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask a 12 year old.  But you can’t ask mine – I’m taking him with me.


Does anybody have any Mongolian tögrög or tugrik lying around?  I could use some, because I like arriving in a place with some of their currency already in my pocket.  Apparently CAD$1.00 (CAD is the international code for the Canadian dollar, which brings a whole new meaning to “printing from your CAD program – if only!) is equal to 1316.8307 tugriks (sign: ; code: MNT).  Which means that after you change less than CAD$760 into MNT, you’re a millionaire, and you can leave your CAD printer at home.  It’s lighter.

Gotta go – I need to practice milking horses.

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