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On Laundry

January 15th, 2005 · 1 Comment

Memo to people sharing a cleaning lady:

Check your socks – they may not be yours.

Two weeks ago, I ended up with the socks of a colleague – similar to mine, but a different colour.

Last week, she ended up with mine. She has nothing like them. Fortunately, these mistakes have not extended themselves past socks, particularly given the fact that she is a she.

I’m just glad that most of my clothing is dark. After a few washes, my white dress shirts are taking on an interesting new hue of their own. About 10 more washes and I think they’ll actually be grey. No doubt due to the poor water quality (stay tuned for that) and cheap detergent.

There’s actually detergent called “Barf” here. You’ll remember that Barf is the word for snow, so I think the idea with the detergent is that it means your laundry will be snow white when you finish. However, where I come from, washing clothes in barf has never been a good idea.

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