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About Brad

Brad Farquhar is an entrepreneur and business consultant based in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is bilingual in French and English, and has over twelve years experience in federal and provincial politics. A former Executive Assistant to Saskatchewan’s Leader of the Opposition and Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Party, Brad has worked in the former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan and in Jamaica, where he assisted with the development of democratic systems in those countries.

In 2005, Brad co-founded a company that invests in farmland in Saskatchewan. Assiniboia Capital Corp. now manages Canada’s largest farmland investment fund and is actively involved in the development of other innovative investment opportunities in agriculture.  In 2007, Brad helped establish the first carbon credit farm in Canada, and recently established a canola fund.

Brad completed his Master of Public Administration degree at Griffith University (Australia), specializing in electoral systems and governance, has a BA (Liberal Arts) from Providence College, and is a trained financial planner.

Brad is interested in social entrepreneurship and along with his family has been involved as a volunteer business consultant on entrepreneurial development projects in the Republic of Niger.

Brad is involved in his community in many ways, and sits on several boards and committees:

Brad has been married to Lynette for 19 years, and has three children, ages 12, 10, and 8.